Scrabster Harbour pontoon development approved in first FLAG funding round

Scrabster Harbour Trust has been successful in their bid for funding towards new pontoons at Scrabster Harbour.  The pontoons will be a much needed addition to service the needs of harbour users and the ever growing demand for berthing space.  The project will improve the accessibility to the pier side to a wide range of users including fishing, leisure and cruise tender vessels, with an additional 4 berths provided when the inner harbour is full during peak usage in summer.  The Trust has evidenced a growing cruise ship trade, and this project will help the harbour be best placed to accommodate visitor access needs and resultantly increased trade will benefit the wider community through increased visitor numbers to the area.

Jason Hamilton, Harbour Master “A key facility and service at Scrabster is the provision of pontoon berthing, this is essential for a number of sectors which include fishing, leisure and cruise. Some of our smaller fishing boats are seasonal and fish from April to September which coincides with the leisure and cruise industry peak season resulting in congestion of the inner harbour area.  The Trust has looked at how we can improve on our current services and taking feedback from harbour users it has been agreed the harbour needs more berthing availability at peak summer season. With an already oversubscribed marina creating new berthing facilities will relieve the pressure on our current pontoons and help us accommodate our growing, fishing leisure and cruise customers.  We are delighted to have the support of the FLAG who have recognised our ambitions for the harbour to continue to create jobs and income for the local community. ”

Total FLAG funding awarded £97,845