Case Studies

 Ambient Seafood Development – Cluny Fish Ltd

Cluny Fish is a small family business based in Buckie, Moray.  It was established in 1969 primarily processing white fish.  In 1972, their main line of work was curing sprats and herring for the Scandinavian market.  During this time they mastered the art of lightly curing fresh Scottish salmon which they still do today using Rum or Scotch whisky along with oak fires.  Cluny Fish is widely knowin the EU market as they export to a number of countries.

The aim of the project was to create a new sterilisation method which allows fresh seafood to reach longer shelf life.  The result of the project was added value to local fisheries products and a further 18 jobs created in the fish processing sector.

Total Project Cost – £27,500.00
EFF Grant Awarded – £13,750.00


Revistalising Lochinver Fishing Community – Assynt Lesuire Centre

Assynt Leisure Centre (ALC) are a community run charity providing sport, youth and learning facilities in Lochinver. ALC applied to Axis 4 for their ‘Revitalising Lochinver Fishing Community’ project to deliver community-led training and mentoring support to adults including school leavers from age 16.  Their project aim was two-fold – to support the fisheries community to diversify their economy following a decline in the fishing industry, and to encourage young people to consider the marine sector as a viable career option. Free training was offered covering enterprising business skills courses and marine related practical skills including safety at sea, navigation and VHF radio operation.  Attendees were paired with a mentor and/or given work placements to help them find employment or develop their business skills. The provision of courses, workshops and work placements has stimulated employment in an area where employment opportunities are considered low, particularly for young people.  A total of 56 training courses were delivered resulting in 15 local jobs being created and 5 jobs safeguarded.

 Total Project Cost – £39, 309.00
EFF Grant Awarded – £22,111.30

Burghead Chiller and Ice Plant – The Moray Council

The Moray Council acts as Statutory Harbour Authority for 6 harbours located along the southen shore of the Moray Firth.  Of these harbours, both Buckie and Burghead facilitate fishing activity.  In order to support the fishing industry funding was awarded to install a new chill room and ice plant at both these important local harbours.  This much needed facility will help local fishermen maintain their catch in prime condition and ready for transport to the market.  The chiller can store the catch at a temperature of around 0 degrees while wiaing for collection and delivery to food processors.  Without this facility the quality of catch could deteriorate sooner and the value of fish and shellfish could also reduce.

Total Project Cost – £18,000
EFF Grant Awarded – £9,000

Seafood See Here! – Moray Firth Partnership

In recognition to the fact that more than 80% of Scottish caught seafood is exported while most seafood consumed in Scotland is imported, Moray Firth Partnership (MFP) set out an ambitious short-term initiative to champion sustainable local seafood, encouraging its use and making it easier to access and enjoy fresh, local produce.  The project had support from Highland, Moray and Aberdeenshire FLAG, and covered from Cape Wrath along the north coast, round the Moray Firth and down the east coast to the Aberdeenshire border.  MFP aimed to increase the supply of locally landed seafood to local outlets, and raise awareness of the range and value-for-money of local seafood.

A new website was created including an interactive map showing where to buy seafood within the project area, information on what’s in season, recipes, activities and links to other sources of information, local walks and promotional videos.   During the project period events were attended across the Aberdeenshire, Moray and Highland areas, presenting a variety of locally-sourced seafood, so participants could sample some of the country’s best produce.  Promotional postcards with recipes were also distributed to promote the projects local sustainable seafood message.

Total Project Cost – £51,380.00
EFF Grant Awarded – £34,297.50