FLAG Funding Priorities

For your project to be eligible you must show how it fits with the Highland & Moray FLAG Priorities

Key Highland & Moray FLAG Priorities

Stronger and more resilient fishing communities 

To build fisheries community capacity by supporting local development initiatives and co-operation between partners. To protect fishing communities from further decline by investing in infrastructure that will allow communities to respond positively to challenges and opportunities

–       Support for infrastructure improvements to benefit the fisheries sector (particularly projects which address the landing obligation) including community ownership of fisheries related assets/businesses
–       Support to enhance co-operation and innovative ideas from within the fisheries sector

A sustained, growing and diversified marine, coastal and aquaculture economy

To strengthen local economies by providing support for new and existing businesses to target profitable and growing markets and stimulate job creation. To add value to local fisheries and aquaculture products throughout the consumer supply chain.  To give communities the opportunity to diversify out with fisheries and explore other marine related incomes.

–       Support for adding value to produce, marketing and promotion
Support for developing new skills and employment opportunities
Support for marine tourism
Support for local business initiatives tied to marine environment

Improved understanding of marine environment and management of resources

To promote initiatives that may conserve or enhance the marine environment with a view of long term sustainability.  To reduce the environmental impact of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors through individual and co-operative action.  To assist communities in reducing their carbon output through renewable energy schemes

–       Support for marine environmental improvements and projects addressing climate change
Support for local research/management/education – (IFG plans/projects)